Dental Health Has No Holidays, Tips

by Joshua Spellings

With vacations, the abandonment of our routine and trips, or relocation of residence, our oral hygiene can suffer. Enjoying the holidays but continuing to dedicate the time indicated to our brushing should be a habit that does not have to be modified, wherever we are.

In addition, eating on those days of leisure can cause less recommended foods to be ingested for our dental care, so our oral cleaning ritual must remain unchanged to avoid possible surprises when we return from vacation. Prevention is always the best solution.

Tips for taking care of oral health on vacation

With small gestures, which will not interrupt our rest and disconnection, we can continue to take care of our oral hygiene also on vacation. These may be some useful tips to keep in mind for your next vacation:

Travel kit. It does not matter if we are going to spend the day or eat at the beach bar, always carry a kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss to keep your mouth clean after each meal.

If you can’t brush your teeth, use water or sugar-free gum. If even having your kit you forget or an unexpected meal arises, try to drink a lot of water after the meal or chew sugar-free gum as they will cause a greater flow of saliva in the mouth and will prevent the remains of food from settling between the teeth.

Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated helps prevent infection. In addition, with high temperatures, it is essential to drink at least two liters of water a day. Also, take advantage of and consume seasonal vegetables and fruit, such as watermelon, which also provides a high amount of water to the body.

Avoid sugary drinks. Like the rest of the year, be careful with the consumption of these drinks and the consequences they can have on our teeth and the appearance of cavities.

Protect your mouth from the sun. Like the rest of the body, the lips are the outer part of our mouth and we must protect them with sun factor to avoid burns.

Don’t forget your splint. Any treatment that you are following with your dentist does not have to be interrupted by your vacation or the progress made may have disappeared upon your return. Do not neglect the use of your splint or maintainers like the rest of the year.

Be careful with cold food and drinks. Sudden changes in temperature in the food and drinks we drink can cause us discomfort due to dental hypersensitivity. Therefore, brush your teeth after eating this type of food with gentle movements of the gum towards the tooth.

Schedule your review for the return. Even taking all these precautions, we are not exempt from the fact that our teeth can be damaged by the excesses of the holidays, so do not leave your appointment for later. With the return to routine, visit an oral professional again and put yourself in expert hands.

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