What Braces Are Best For An Adult, Teenager, Child: Reviews For Smile Direct Club Dentists?

by Joshua Spellings

A beautiful smile is the key to your success not only with the opposite sex, but also a quick solution in negotiations with partners, a positive attitude towards life, smile direct club openness to the world and new friends.

But a smile is not always possible. Irregular teeth are a common cause of this. From childhood, after adolescence and already from adulthood, a smile gradually becomes a rare visitor to your face. In addition, with the emergence of a certain complex of inferiority, self-confidence, the desire to communicate with others, colleagues disappear.

There is a way out of any situation, no exception, and abnormal teeth. As dentistry advances, new inventions appear on the market, especially braces. Their function is to correct the obstruction, they are used successfully in orthodontics. But not everyone understands which braces are best placed.

Of course, among those who turn to dentists with this problem, there are more than all women who want to make their smile seductive and beautiful. Recently, men have also started coming to doctors with this question. Especially often done by those associated with creative professions, businesses, collaborating with the public.

How does a malfunction or curvature of the teeth affect health?

There are no indicators that threaten the patient’s life. But the aesthetic perception of a smile on other people may be different. It is better to correct the bite, because when the teeth are curved, the chewing function is also stopped. The correction will avoid such problems.

However, there are some limitations to any dental procedure. For example, it could be:

  • infectious diseases of the oral cavity.
  • age;
  • For many patients, the fears are related to the fact that they simply do not understand which braces are best to wear to see the result in a short time.

Choose the right adult braces

Especially it is nowhere to be found. Orthodontists offer classic accessories. But there is one more difference. If you plan to wear straps for a long time, it is better to choose ceramic (they are slightly more expensive) or metal (they are durable and a little cheaper). What braces are best for an adult? This question is asked by every patient in the dentist’s office.

With a slight correction of the denture, you can get sapphire, but we must remember that this material is rather fragile. They are more intended for bite correction. If a chip appears, you should contact a specialist immediately. The main thing to remember is that stopping the bite correction process, repairing the straps, takes you back to the initial stage.

Removable straps for adults

Everything, even every little thing, has its own meaning for achieving the result. But the cases and the goals are different. Removable smile direct club aligners (aligners) are popular with dental patients. But not everyone can use them. They can be applied if there is an offset, but not too big. The whole process of use is based on the self-discipline of the patient. Removable brackets must be worn for at least 22 hours without being removed. Therefore, which braces are best for an adult, the doctor decides after careful study of the bite.

The doctor can not control what you tell him. And the result may not be, if the patient wore 2-3 hours and removed the braces. This is the inconvenience the patient wears to fully understand what he wants to achieve. A person needs will and responsibility.

Adult population reviews on braces

Let’s deal with the most popular types – these are linguistic braces. They are made only individually, upon request. They are very comfortable to wear, they do not have sharp edges, they do not attach to the mucous membranes when you talk or chew food. Adapting to them is very fast.

Their main advantage is that they are close to the teeth, i.e. there is no gap from which they can get food. In addition, the imagination is not disturbed. You need to decide with your dentist which braces are best for you. Reviews will only help one person choose, but the final decision must be made carefully and deliberately.

The second most popular are the ceramic systems without ligation. They have an aesthetic appearance, do not hit the eye and fulfill their purpose quite effectively.

Classic metal straps are durable, wear-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. But it is cheaper than the rest. Such systems are also successful.

The holder and how to wear it

The retainer is a small bow that is placed inside the teeth and corrects the results obtained after using the braces.

Suitable for all patients who are 25 years old and who have undergone a bite correction procedure. The holder lasts twice as long as the braces. Although it is assumed that it should be used for life, then your teeth will be perfect. Doctors say that as a last resort, the period of use should not be less than 4 years. After that, a mouth or a special plate is already set for the night. This is a classic approach and can not be changed.

An adult must understand that any therapeutic intervention in the functioning of the body must be completed and integrated. Only then will you not waste your time. It is best to have your teeth corrected during adolescence or childhood. It’s up to us to decide which braces are best for a teenager.

Teenagers and thugs

During adolescence, the body often lacks trace elements such as fluoride and calcium. But teens have a lot of bad habits, for example, biting their fingernails, chewing gum, smoking and so on.

Some teens also need to correct their bite with braces. It is a complex design system, which is connected to the enamel of the denture, and an arch made of metal frame with a link.

The indications for its installation are the following:

  • an urgent need to correct the bite;
  • the presence of gaps between the teeth.
  • denture curvature.
  • The brackets are installed step by step. First, they are worn for a child at the age of 5-9, and then change in adolescence due to the development of the jaw.

Every parent thinks about which smile direct club braces are best for a teenager. Web reviews can not fully answer this question. Therefore, it is worthwhile to study in detail the positive and negative aspects of each bite alignment system and be sure to consult a dentist.

Advantages and disadvantages of different systems for adolescence

Metal straps are most common in teens. Their advantages:

  • relatively small in thickness.
  • Do not cause discomfort when worn.
  • Do not injure the mucous membrane.
  • convenient for hygiene procedures;
  • durable and durable to use.
  • cheap price.

But there is also a downside – they are not aesthetically pleasing, especially for girls.

Transparent braces – plastic, fiberglass or composite material used for their construction. They are not especially visible in a teenager’s mouth. But such systems are rather fragile and short-lived.

The ceramic brackets are perfectly attached to the enamel of the denture, they are invisible when worn, and durable. Their cost is high and they require careful daily care.

Tongue braces – are attached to the inside of the teeth, but require a long adjustment and therefore do not apply to adolescents.

It’s best to decide at the dentist which smile direct club braces are best for your child.

Preschool and younger students

The braces are often placed on young children to correct their bite and restore chewing function. The system includes 20 “locks”, connected from below and above, 10 pieces each. As a rule, parents of preschool children do not have a question about which braces are best for the child.

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