Internal Smile Direct Club Braces: Reviews, In Which Cases Do Not You Install Braces Internally?

by Joshua Spellings

The supports were bulky and ugly. They often spoil a person’s impression a lot. However, now there is something like internal supports, which are invisible and do not prevent their owners from living a full life. A person can smile and no one will notice his little secret.

Design description

Officially they have internal braces called linguistically. They are placed on the back of the denture. In terms of design, they are practically indistinguishable from the usual, but the locks and bows have a smoother connection. This makes it easier for the patient to get used to the braces. In the beginning, everyone constantly touches the tongue with the bow and if it is not completely smooth, you can get injured.

Sometimes, instead of locks, plates are used to cover the tooth. It makes the connection more durable, as the back of the teeth is not very smooth. The incognito lingual interior straps, in particular, have a similar design.

Indications for the installation of structures

Internally braces are installed in case of disturbed position of the teeth or occlusion. If they are curved, there is a wrong bite, then only classic metal constructions are prescribed.

But it can not be argued that this type of braces saves only in simple situations. Sometimes they help when the usual is not appropriate, but the treatment will take longer. They should be worn for several years and go to the doctor constantly.

How are they placed?

Internal braces are made even slightly differently from conventional braces. Production takes place in the factory in Germany or the USA, regardless of the brand.

During the first examination, the dentist first prescribes a treatment regimen. For example, common caries can prevent one or the other defect from being corrected, so it is impossible to install internal braces until the patient gets rid of it.

First you need to fill all the damaged channels and then clean the tartar and solve other existing problems. And only then does the doctor get casts. They are then sent to the laboratory, where they make braces for several weeks. Delivery can take a long time. Only then does the doctor install internal braces for the patient.

Duration of treatment with braces

In terms of time, internal and external straps differ in wear only when it comes to complex defects. And then language constructions will be less effective.

But with standard problems, everything can be solved even faster than with ordinary metal supports. The fact is that the patient will not have to remove him during important events or public speeches. If the treatment eventually proves ineffective, then the doctor may change his plan, taking into account complications and other nuances.

Ease of use

Many wonder how comfortable the interior straps are? Photos of such structures with which this material is equipped, you can see well to study their structure and possible effects on the oral cavity.

In the beginning, everything is not very good: the imagination can be disturbed, there may be a problem with food intake, pain syndromes and irritation of the mucous membrane. Not all of these problems can be solved with the use of language supports, but they are somewhat easier to transport with such constructions.

Thus, thanks to the self-regulating mechanism, the braces distribute the load throughout the jaw system, which minimizes pain syndromes. They can be worn even by those who are very sensitive. At the same time, it is very important to choose the right model, so as not to rub or injure the gums. Also, the internal supports are good because they do not mechanically affect the cavity. They are sometimes coated with gold oxide, which eliminates the appearance of allergies.


The undisputed advantage of internal braces is the ability to gain confidence. Also, among the positive aspects of these structures, the following can be distinguished:

the effectiveness of the application;


  • quick adjustment
  • the ability to use in difficult cases when external supports do not help;
  • production of structures taking into account the individual characteristics of an individual;
  • there is no risk of calcium loss.
  • the inner surface of the lips is not irritated.
  • Contraindications

However, it is not always possible to internally assign braces to everyone. In which cases are they not set? Let’s find out:

  • presence of low crowns on the teeth.
  • with severe periodontal disease.
  • if the functions of the temporomandibular joint are impaired.
  • with a narrow jaw;
  • if the patient is allergic to the ingredients of which the structure is made.

Design defects

Internal braces also have some drawbacks, although not many of them:

  • a specific taste that disappears over time.
  • problems with imagination for several days;
  • high cost;
  • difficulty swallowing (temporary)
  • the duration of treatment;
  • the complexity of cleaning the structure after eating.
  • Cost of internal supports
  • As mentioned earlier, such designs are not cheap compared to conventional designs. As a rule, their price starts from 40 thousand rubles and depends on many shades. In particular, the costs include transport costs, which are significant in themselves.

Model classification

Internal braces have different systems that help clean the bite of the teeth. They differ from each other in many ways. What are their characteristics, we will examine below.

For example, the anonymous model is always produced separately from the appearances. Reduces the risk of teeth desalination, protects them from caries. These braces are distinguished by hypoallergenicity, do not injure the tongue and mucous membranes, get used to them quickly and speech problems are extremely rare.

A fairly popular system in the world that comes from Italy is the STB. It is also made individually using straight arcs. It differs in small dimensions, efficiency of use. You can get used to it very quickly. Slight tint: if a component is lost, it can be produced on site without waiting for an order from the country of origin.

Budget Selection

Another common model is the 2d system. The straps of this brand are very thin – only up to 1.65 mm. They also have a self-adjusting structure, the dega enters the groove from the optical side and is then fastened with a clip. Opens and closes with a special tool. The main feature and advantage of this system is the lower cost compared to analogues. Of all the braces placed inside, these are the most accessible to patients.

What do patients say?

How do patients themselves perceive internal braces? There are different reviews for them. Some people complain about related problems, which are similar to those with conventional constructions. These include the problematic nature of food intake and the appearance of nuts. But in most cases, patients are satisfied with the installation of internal structures, despite initial doubts about it. As a result, they notice the alignment of the teeth and their order.

As for the imagination, in almost all cases, the problems occur, but they disappear within a few days, and then no problems arise with it. Also, some patients are satisfied with the fact that, despite the presence of braces, they can do personal hygiene without problems, but with metal structures there are difficulties with this.

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